WiFi for Hospitality

Whether you run a hotel, B&B, cafe, pub, venue or an exhibition centre, guests expect connectivity. An ever growing percentage of hotel guests now say that good WiFi is more important to them than the availability of breakfast.

With the movement of IT services into the cloud over the past few years, business guests expect to be able to access all their files and emails as well as video conference, as if they were in their office, wherever they are.

The uses that leisure travellers have for WiFi have also continued to evolve.

Approximately 21% of UK households subscribed to NetFlix in 2016[i] [ii] and 136 BBC iPlayer receives requests per household per year [iii]. Watching video on demand has become a mainstream activity and one that many guests would prefer to continue whilst away from home.

If you are running a venue guests increasingly want to live stream big events and upload photos to social media as they are happening, not simply upload when they get home.

It is no longer sufficient simply to have “WiFi” in your establishment, your system needs to meet the demands of today’s guests. If the infrastructure in your area limits the internet speeds available to you it is even more important to have a WiFi system that protects this precious resource so that all your guests can use it, whilst still allowing your essential business applications to access the internet as needed.

We have years of experience of installing and optimising WiFi installations for the specific needs of the hospitality sector but more importantly we can tailor your system to meet the needs of your customers specifically.

Do you want to attract more customers, encourage customers to stay longer or make their time with you more comfortable?

We are specialists in providing WiFi solutions for your guests and your business. We can give your guests the internet access they expect whilst keeping your own data secure.

We provide cost effective WiFi solutions with a great return on investment, allowing you to charge for WiFi, advertise to your existing customer base or give free WiFi to your customers.


There are three main access models that you can choose between for your guests:

Free – WiFi is free to use but you can still control access via vouchers or ask your guests to sign in through Facebook or Google+. This has allows you to capture more details about your customers, allowing you to better target your marketing.

Paid – You can create a charging scheme that charges by the hour or the day and you can provide tiers of access, enabling you to share the cost of providing higher speeds or more data to guests that want it.

Hybrid – Any combination of the other options. Possibly free WiFi for a fixed length of time or maximum download ammount with a paid option allowing for faster access, more data or longer times.

We can support any model that you decide is right for your business. If you decide to take payments we can offer native support for:




Although we can integrate your prefered payments provider into the portal at your request. We will work with you to develop the solution that is right for your business.

Contact us today to find out about how we can help your business.

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