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Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling Installation

We are structured cabling installation engineers and install all types of data cabling. We are able to install all categories of copper Ethernet cable and single-mode and multi-mode fibre optic. We undertake full structured cabling installs as well as simple re-patching. From our base in Preston, Lancashire we cover all of the North West of England. Whatever your data cabling installation needs, we are your cabling partner.

Because we are network engineers we understand the specific and exacting demands of each standard of data cabling. We can ensure that you get the connectivity you need where you need it. Whether you require very high signal integrity or simply fast speeds over short distances, we will develop the right solution for you.

We are fully insured and standby all the work we do for our clients. Your installation will be managed by a named project manager who will be on hand to resolve any issues. Your project manager will ensure that your installation is completed on time and to the exacting standards that we set. We wont leave site until you are happy with your install.

Which Category of Cable do I need?

What type of cabling you require will depend largely on your needs and where the cabling is to be installed. Higher categories of cabling allow for greater speed but are more expensive to buy and more difficult to work with. This will increase the cost to you. Generally we will select the lowest category of cable that achieves your goals.

All copper Ethernet cables are limited to a theoretical maximum length of 100m although, in deployment from patch panel to socket this should be limited to 90m in most situations. For longer distances Fibre Optic cabling would usually be recommended.

CategorySpeedBandwidthMaximum Distance
5e1 Gb/s100 Mhz100m
61 Gb/s (in some cases 10Gb/s)250 Mhz100m
6a10 Gb/s500 Mhz100m

Whatever your situation, you can be confident that we will develop a solution that meets all your needs.  Click here to book a convenient time for a quote now.

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