Network Design

Network Design

Whether you are moving to a new facility, need a subsection of your network redesigned or need your entire corporate network refreshed, we can help. It is common for networks to grow organically over the years. Technologies like WiFi, Voice and Video get bolted on to existing networks, eventually they start to creak. With a complete network design review we can get your data flowing freely again.

With decades of experience across our team of senior engineers there is no network design challenge that we cannot handle for you.

Case Studies

Case Study 1

JSB Case Study High level Network Design

Company 1 was contemplating a movement of their servers and PBX into the cloud. They were also concerned about redundancy and disaster recovery in their core network.

They had two branch offices connected via leased lines to the main office where the corporate servers were located. Our new design enabled the relocation to the cloud of key services and increased the resilience of the core network. This also reduced congestion on the WAN connection at the main office as voice, video and mail traffic was rerouted directly to the cloud.


Case Study 2

CS2 CLD Case study High level Network Design

Company 2 came to us for a full network review. It had been a number of years since the network was last actively managed. In the intervening years they had moved their web hosting to the cloud, visualised their servers and closed several branch offices. The solution that used to fit perfectly was now clunky and over engineered.

We designed a new solution that made use of the existing hardware, minimising costs. Our plan removed unnecessary sub-netting, ¬†moved servers out of the DMZ and inside the network. This simplification of network administration, eased pressure on the business’s IT staff. The remaining VPN connections were reconfigured inline with modern security standards.


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